Lisa Martin

Helping You Build Inner Resilience.

At Elevate, we are passionate about transforming businesses and unlocking their full potential. Whether you’re a startup looking for strategic direction or an established enterprise aiming to scale new heights, our expert coaching and consulting services are designed to drive success and foster sustainable growth.

Topics I Discuss



Unlock the drive within you to achieve your goals and overcome obstacles. Learn how to stay inspired and maintain momentum in both personal and professional pursuits.



Develop a clear and compelling vision for your future. Understand the importance of having a direction and how to set meaningful and achievable goals.



Craft effective strategies to navigate the complexities of business and life. Gain insights into planning, decision-making, and executing plans successfully.



Cultivate essential leadership qualities to inspire and guide others. Learn how to lead with confidence, empathy, and integrity in various settings.


Self Improvement

Embark on a journey of continuous growth and development. Discover techniques and habits that foster personal and professional enhancement.


Self Awareness

Increase your understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, and values. Explore ways to become more mindful and reflective in your daily life.



Build and maintain a strong sense of self-assurance. Learn strategies to boost your confidence and handle challenges with poise.


Life Skills

Acquire practical skills that enhance your ability to navigate life’s challenges. From communication to time management, develop competencies that enrich your life.

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About Me

I’m Lisa Martin.
I Help Entrepreneurs Build Their Dreams.

With a passion for entrepreneurship and a wealth of experience, I am dedicated to helping individuals turn their business dreams into reality.

Through personalized coaching and strategic consulting, I empower entrepreneurs to overcome challenges, achieve their goals, and thrive in their ventures.

Lisa Martin brings over a decade of strategic business coaching and consulting expertise. With a background in corporate strategy and a passion for entrepreneurship.


What Clients Are Saying

"Lisa is exceptional! Her coaching was pivotal in refining my business strategy, resulting in a noticeable increase in productivity and profitability."
"Lisa's leadership coaching has been instrumental in developing my team's cohesion and effectiveness. Her insights are invaluable."

Julia Michele

"Working with Lisa has been transformative. Her guidance on self-improvement has empowered me to achieve personal and professional goals I once thought impossible."

Robert Green

"Lisa's expertise in motivation and vision-setting has been crucial in revitalizing our company culture and driving us towards ambitious goals. Highly recommended!"

Oliver Goodman